Installation & Retrofitting

Lighting Retrofit & Replacement

ElectricianTo retrofit lights, our electrical contractors replace all outdated lamps and ballasts with newer, more energy efficient products that require less power. Our contractors install fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED lights, as well as a variety of other types of energy efficient lighting, fixtures and lighting controls. ALB Energy Solutions can manage your project from start to finish and acts as the general contractor lining up the installation times and such that fit your busy schedule so there is little to no disruption to your business. Our trusted contractor partners carry all the proper insurance requirements and have proven track records and results in retrofitting commercial buildings.

Lighting Controls

Installing energy efficient lighting controls such as timers, dimmers and sensors to automate your lights dramatically lowers energy costs. Lighting controls in areas such as storage rooms, bathrooms, parking lots and walkways are practical solutions for any business. Our electrical contractors wire and install motion sensors, daylight controlled systems and more. We also provide complete solutions for warehouses, including auto dimming and auto-off systems, timers and customized controls.

Improved Lighting Quality

In addition to providing an energy and cost savings, a lighting retrofit also improves quality. Lighting quality impacts a variety of factors that lead to greater productivity and safety in industrial facilities and other workplaces. Technological developments have produced lights with greater output capacity and improved consistency. Newer technologies provide better quality lamps, with improved color and reduced flickering.

Removal, Recycling & Disposal

RecycleBinIn addition to installing your new lighting retrofit, we can also remove your old equipment and make sure it is properly recycled. We also provide you with industry standard 3rd party validation of proper disposal of mercury containing lamps and can assist you with ongoing recycling of mercury based lamps through our partnership with Veolia.