10 Step Process to LED Retrofitting

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]So you are considering retrofitting your business lighting to LED.  Rightfully so, as incandescent bulbs have started disappearing from the shelves, and CFL technology has run its course, making LED lights an established light source of the future. But where do you start?

The retrofitting process is easier than you expect. Use this simple guide to smooth the transition.

  1. Identify Your Goals

Is your goal to save money, increase visibility, or create ambiance? Make your reasons for retrofitting explicit so that you can stay focused on the end goal.

  1. Define the Scope

Do you plan to retrofit your entire business or just a few areas? Are you limited by budget, time, or some other factor? Understand exactly how far your retrofit will go.

  1. Choose Specific Spaces

Now that you know the scope of the project, will it also include hallways, closets, and bathrooms? Identify the exact spaces where you plan to change the lighting.

  1. Evaluate Current Lighting

What light fixtures, outlets, and wiring schemes already exist in the spaces you plan to retrofit? Are they adequate, or will some need to be added/subtracted? Most importantly, find out whether the fixtures you already use will work with LED bulbs.

  1. Consult Your Maintenance Staff

Get opinions and advice for the people that spend the most time working on your lighting. If you have an electrician on your staff, rely on their expertise throughout the retrofit process.

  1. Research LEDs

LED technology is excitingly varied. Learn about the options that exist, and the technical requirements of anything that interests you. The better you understand this technology, the easier the retrofit.

  1. Order Products

Find a qualified supplier of LED products that ideally also has experience with retrofit projects. They can offer valuable advice and may even be able to send a consultant to your location to evaluate your needs and means.

  1. Arrange Installations

Find out how disruptive the retrofit will be and make accommodations. Will you need to shut down temporarily? Do you need to hire contractors? Collect the resources you need to make the retrofit go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  1. Revise Implementations

You may find that lights need to be repositioned, bulbs need to be swapped out, or wiring needs to be updated. As you plan your retrofit, expect that the initial implementation will require some revision.

  1. Calculate Benefits

You want to ensure that your retrofit has been worth it. Track your energy bills and bulb orders in the months following the retrofit to determine how much money you have been saving. With minor tweaks, you may be able to save even more.[/vc_column][/vc_row]