Jesse Root

Jesse Root
Jesse Root is definitely the “tech guru” at ALB Energy Solutions. Like his brothers he grew up in the business his father founded — working in the warehouse and learning the business from the ground floor.

From an early age he knew his path would follow the technology he found so fascinating. As a teenager he took apart lamps and fixtures to see how they were made. He even built some of his own fixtures, just by tinkering around.

It’s no surprise that he saw the potential of the burgeoning LED market long before many others embraced the energy-efficient technology.

Over the past decade, LED technology has advanced at light speed. “I started hearing a lot about LEDs,” said Root. “I did some research and saw that LEDs were really leading the pack faster than any other lighting technology, and was going to be something we had to get into. I started purchasing LEDs and took classes to understand the technology better. As I learned more I became really fascinated by the opportunities we were going to have.”

Fast forward to today.

As ALB Energy Solutions Sales Manager, Root is extremely hands-on with customers. Possessing a thorough understanding of old and new lighting systems, it is easy for him to visualize how LEDs can replace old technology to obtain faster payback, better lighting, and improved energy savings.

“I especially enjoy the challenge of working with a customer when they don’t even know that we can make their environment better and more efficient,” he said.

Root sees a very positive upside to the future. “Now that we have gotten to a certain level of efficiency with LEDS, we are asking what else LEDs can do for the customer. Remember it is advanced technology, not just a light bulb. It is just a matter of time before LEDs lights are communicating with other devices and computers, making our businesses smarter and more efficient.”

When that day comes, it is a certainty that Root and ALB Energy Solutions will be ready to bring those advances to their customers.

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