Lunera Plug-and-Play LED Replacements

Lunera Plug-and-Play LED Replacements
Lunera Lighting is not your typical LED lighting company…they are actually a technology company based in Silicon Valley that happens to sell LED’s.

ALB Energy Solutions is thrilled to offer their cutting edge LED lamps and want to introduce you to on of our favorite ladies. Meet Helen the Lunera LED plug-and-play lamp…


With the Helen Lamp now in the U.S. market there is no reason to stick with old Compact Fluorescent Lighting. The 2 pin and 4 pin Helen Lamp features amazing plug and play technology that allows you to switch the lamp, not the socket! The 2 pin Lunera Helen retrofit lamp fits standard G24D bases that house 13w,18w and 26w CFL lamps. This plug and play technology allows the lamp to work off the existing magnetic ballast. The lamps come in two distinct variations, the horizontal model and the vertical model. Both are designed to fit exactly where the CFL was while maximizing light output on the work surface. The 13w Helen lamp features up to 5 times the lifespan of your typical Compact Fluorescent. It also reduces the wattage consumption up to 50% compared to the 26w compact fluorescent. With those calculations the Helen lamp can pay for itself in as little as 1 Year.

The Helen Lamp is also available in your standard G24Q 4 pin base. These include the 13w,18w,26w,32w and 42w Compact Fluorescent lamps. The Lunera Helen 4 pin LED retrofit lamp is also powered by the existing electronic ballast. These lamps can be dimmed in some applications, check with and we can advise. Huge energy savings is as easy as changing a light bulb that until now we did not have any great options for.

The cool thing about these LED’s is that they deliver crisp, clean light with no flicker, warm up time or buzzing sound. They are available in 2700k, 3000k, 3500k and 4000k. They are rated for open or enclosed fixtures, the Generation 3 models have improved significantly from the first generation. The Helen lamp comes with your standard 5 year warranty.

There is no way you can go wrong with switching your old style compact florescent lamps over to the new Helen LED lamp. These lamps will decrease your power consumption by up to 50% as well as reducing labor cost over the life of the lamp. So if you are interested in saving energy and reducing maintenance cost, look no further. Atlanta Light Bulbs has your solution, all the Lunera Helen lamps are available online for bulk purchases please click here.

If you have a large facility that has 13W, 18W ,26W , 32W or 42W CFL 2 pin or 4 pin plug ins. The time has come! You now have an option.

Click here to shop the entire line of Lunera LED plug-and-play lamps at our online store However if you need an LED lighting specialist to help you make the switch our ALB Energy Solutions team is here to help!

Atlanta based businesses can reap huge benefits by removing their plug in CFL lamps and replacing them with Lunera Helen plug-and-play lamps. Currently there is a Georgia Power rebate available for switching out the CFL plug in lamps. ALB Energy Solutions will do all the work in applying for your rebate and getting you a larger return on your investment. Our job is to make switching to LED profitable and easy. Facility managers, property management companies contact Atlanta’s #1 LED lighting specialist.  Call our Solutions team today for a free consultation! 770-492-5086 or shoot us an email

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