Setting the Tone: How Lighting Creates the Mood in Your Business

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]No matter what kind of business you run, the way it is lit will affect its overall success. This might sound like an overstatement, but it holds true in countless examples. Would you return to a restaurant that you thought was ugly inside? Would you work hard in a space that was depressing to be in? Would you shop extra in a store whose products looked dull? Of course not.

Creating an appealing lit space is important for customers and employees alike. Lighting is also one of the fastest and most affordable things you can change about your business. If things could be going better, maybe lighting is the problem. These are just a few of the things that a new lighting scheme can do for you:

Create Ambiance 

If you want to project an image, ambiance is everything. At a restaurant, for example, food is just one aspect of the dining experience. The way the restaurant looks and feels is just as important, and lighting plays a huge role. Think about adding dimmers and colored lights while creating a balance between bright and dark spaces.

Highlight Your Products

Retail lighting has a huge affect on the way your products are perceived. By using directional lighting strategies, you can highlight the best features of the products you sell and naturally draw customers towards them. Countless studies in retail psychology have shown that lighting has a significant impact on consumption patterns.

Increase Productivity and Safety

Well lit industrial and office spaces help workers to avoid accidents and stay motivated. If you have ever sat at a computer under dull neon light or been inside a factory that felt more like a jail, you understand the concept. When lighting is designed with the needs of employees in mind, you get more out of your employees.

Reflect Your Brand

No customer-facing business can underestimate the importance of branding. Creating a link between your product, your space, and your marketing helps customers distinguish you from the competition. A great lighting strategy can help you project the image of your brand, incorporate your signature colors, or show off your technical advancements.

Refresh Your Look

Since lighting has such a huge effect on your space, revising it can help you seem updated without requiring you to reinvent the wheel. If you need to refresh things but can’t afford a total remodel, consider new lighting. Your customers will feel like things have changed without realizing how much they have stayed the same.

In order to accomplish all these goals, you need to rely on a lighting technology that can do anything, in any setting. Right now, LED lighting is the gold standard in commercial lighting. It has quickly showed itself to be the ideal lighting solution in factories and bistros alike. If you are planning to reinvest in lighting, make sure you upgrade to a technology whose potential is expanding, not contracting.[/vc_column][/vc_row]