Exterior LED lighting

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Let’s talk exterior LED lighting.

By guest blogger: Sharon Ford, Real Estate Services Coordinator

Where do we start?  Lighting in commercial property management has become more complex now that energy efficiency is a mainstay of property management and more energy efficient options are available.  Starting the conversation with your lighting vendor to determine how to apply LED lighting options in order to gain maximum cost savings can be challenging.  So here’s how…


Terminology – Lux, Lumen, Luminous, Illuminance

So my vendor advised that the vertical illuminance of the lamp used in our pole lighting is insufficient.  Hmm.  So is that to say it’s not bright enough or that the output is not lighting the intended area optimally?  When changing from conventional lighting to LED options learn the lingo to ensure that the project planning conversation includes determining the output requirements of each lighting source.  Your ALB consultant can determine the lumen output of each lighting source to ensure the resulting lux is sufficient to ensure optimal illuminance.  They will also be very impressed with your correct usage of such terms.

Application – Let there be light!

Need to stop lighting up the empty wooded lot adjacent to your property or the neighboring residential property’s back yard?  In addition to output requirements, discuss the goals of each lighting source to clearly define what should and shouldn’t be illuminated.  Also, just as the vividness in the colors of a priceless painting in a museum are diluted or compromised by the glare of a poorly applied lighting source, so too can parking lots, garages and other exterior areas receive improper illumination and compromise tenant safety due to the glare of an uncontrolled light source.  Your ALB consultant can review the beam angle requirements of exterior lighting sources to ensure no energy is wasted via light trespass or glare.  Your neighbors will thank you.  Maybe.

Costs – Show me the money!

Energy efficiency means delivering the same or greater services for less energy.  The benefits of decreasing energy requirements extend well beyond individual property lines.  Decreased power plant output conserves natural resources and reduces carbon dioxide emissions which in turn improves air quality.  This is all good you say but…show me the money!  The US Department of Energy estimates that cost savings from LED lighting used in the United States alone could yield a total savings of more than $30 Billion at today’s electricity prices.  Your ALB consultant can construct an inventory of your current lighting usage as well as planned LED application.  They will also calculate the energy and maintenance savings in terms of eliminating re-lamping costs from leveraging the long-life and extended warranties from LED usage.  Your ALB consultant’s familiarity with utility rebates available to the local market will ensure that your LED energy management lighting project qualifies for the maximum rebates offered.

Atlanta Light Bulbs is a family business that has been serving the commercial real estate industry since 1981.  Please take advantage of the lighting industry expertise, knowledge and years of cumulative experience offered by our Energy Solutions Division.  Trust Atlanta Light Bulbs with planning your next exterior lighting energy management project![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]