Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge

Rising Up to the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge

ALB Energy Solutions is proud to add our name to the list of sponsors supporting the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge as a Silver level sponsor!  This is a nation-leading public/private initiative, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy.  The goal of the Atlanta BBC is to reduce energy and water consumption by at least 20 percent in participating buildings across Atlanta by 2020.  Our sponsorship will include offering community outreach and expert advice on energy-efficient lighting and controls, hosting workshops and educational events, and participating in energy-related committees.

“The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge aims to support President Obama’s goal of helping businesses save nearly $40 billion annually in energy costs, enabling them to grow, invest in new technology, and create American jobs. Atlanta is proud to be one of the three first-mover cities, along with Seattle and Los Angeles, selected for this important initiative.”  (

ALB Energy Solutions is a small local business that is excited to invest in the economic development of Atlanta and the City of Atlanta ‘brand,’ via innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions which can significantly impact our standing as a green city.   This sponsorship of Atlanta BBC is a perfect fit!  We are helping local businesses retrofit buildings to use lighting energy as efficiently as possible, cutting cost and waste, contributing to the beautification of the community, and making the area more attractive in other ways, by enticing business owners to choose the Atlanta area as home, all while benefiting the planet.

When considering energy reduction strategies, lighting and controls are the easiest and least costly energy-efficient upgrades that can be made.  ALB Energy Solutions’ mission is to be an influential part of the downtown Atlanta community, and to be the top-trusted comprehensive provider of creative, innovative, energy-efficient, turnkey lighting solutions for commercial buildings, as well as to create green jobs in energy efficiency as we expand our reach.


Business owners who choose to commit to the Better Building Challenge benefit from customized turnkey energy packages which include:

  • lighting audit and analysis
  • designing an Energy Efficient Lighting Plan which details the best practices and products recommended to obtain maximum energy efficiency and savings, which may include installing energy-efficient lighting controls, such as timers, dimmers, and sensors to automate your lights
  • retrofits &/or new product installation
  • environmentally responsible disposal of existing lamps
  • an offer to file the Georgia Power Rebate at no additional cost for companies who purchase a lighting package from us
  • monitoring and verification to assure the system is performing as designed and the projected savings are being achieved
  • some of our clients are chosen as a success story feature in our Energy Savings Snapshots online.

Future ALB Energy Solutions workshops will focus on energy-efficient lighting strategies and how to leverage the Georgia Power Rebate program for savings. As a Georgia Power Trade Ally, ALBES can help customers earn incentives by improving the energy efficiency of their businesses.


ABBC participants please opt in below to receive updates on up-coming workshops. Opt in and attend an energy efficient lighting workshop to get a free Philip’s Instant fit LED T8 tube (limit one per participating organization)

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