Is Lighting Hurting Your Most Valuable Assets?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]Anyone that has seen a couch or rug that has become faded from sunlight understands the damaging effects of light. But do you realize that light bulbs can be just as damaging as the sun itself? If not, the products at your business, and the d├ęcor surrounding them, might be deteriorating without you realizing it.


The Effect of UV Emitting Lights

Institutions as varied as art museums and clothing retailers are discovering that they need to be careful with the way they use artificial light. That’s because most conventional light bulbs emit UV radiation, just like the sun. The quantities are smaller, but over time, the effects are just as damaging. Even worse, they happen so gradually and subtly that it may be impossible to tell an item is damaged until it is removed from its present location.


This is a big problem for any space that is invested in keeping the things inside in pristine condition. Few things are more embarrassing than passing off something damaged as something of quality. Unfortunately, for a long time there was not an easy solution. With many lighting technologies, deflecting the radiation created dim, awkwardly lit spaces that made everything inside look worse. It created a Catch-22 situation.

The LED Solution

That is until LED lighting came along. One of the most unique features of LED light sources is that they produce miniscule amounts of UV rays, and higher-end bulbs produce none at all. That means that they can shine directly on priceless works of art, elaborate pieces of jewelry, or valuable merchandise without degrading them in any way. Many of the world’s major art museums have already switched to LED bulbs, creating exciting new opportunities for preservation and display.


LED lighting also gives the user amazing levels of control over where the light falls. Incandescent light bleeds into the ambient space, but LED light projects a controlled, directional beam, similar to a spotlight. So it not only protects valuable assets, it can be used to highlight their best qualities. Jewelry stores, for example, use LED lights to make sure that their diamonds sparkle.


If you are using incandescent, neon, or CFL bulbs in your business, you may be working against your own best interests. Everything from your merchandise to the paint on your walls could be fading and discoloring without your knowledge. Switching to LED bulbs eliminates this risk, and it opens up new possibilities for presentation. Learn from the mistakes of the past, and embrace the opportunities of the future.[/vc_column][/vc_row]