ALB Energy Solutions Supports Atlanta Better Buildings

ALB Energy Solutions Supports Atlanta Better Buildings
Since 1981 Atlanta Light Bulbs has been supplying lighting products to the Atlanta Metro market. With the push for energy efficiency by the City of Atlanta & the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge we decided we could help our Atlanta business partners reduce their energy foot print. We have found that by simply looking at lighting as an investment and using smart lighting and controls that we could help drastically reduce a buildings lighting consumption.

To show our support, Atlanta Light Bulbs & ALB Energy Solutions became a partner and supporter of the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge. We are here to help facility managers, engineers and property managers with strategies to reduce the power consumption their lighting demands.

Our process is simple, we are down to earth and easy to work with. Our goal is to be your trusted source in the process of reducing your energy consumption in lighting.

We are here to help. A little more about the challenge:

The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (Atlanta BBC) is a nation-leading public/private initiative. The Atlanta BBC will utilize substantive energy efficiency and water conservation upgrades of municipal, university, hospitals and commercial buildings as a means of fostering new business opportunities, and creating more sustainable footprints.

Participants are asked to support this initiative by advocating for resource efficiency and developing innovative partnerships and approaches. As a Building Participant, your organization agrees to the following: • Select one property (or, if applicable, multiple properties) to participate in the Atlanta BBC

The buildings agree to establish and maintain an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account for the participating facility for Federal reporting purposes and public promotion of the Atlanta BBC and its progress. This includes managing energy and water data beginning 1/1/2009 to present. • Agree to share building space attribute and utility data for the purposes of verifying adjusted energy and water savings The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge agrees to provide: • Guidance and resources dedicated to achievement of 20% reduction goals • Technical assistance to facilitate the management of the Energy Star Portfolio Manager account • Events, education and training for best practices in water and energy efficiency • National and local recognition for your organization

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