Why LEDs Save More Money than They Cost

Lighting your business is about to get a lot more complicated. Incandescent bulbs will basically be unavailable by the end of the year, and CFL bulbs are quickly being phased out. Unless you think you can turn a profit in the dark, you need to retrofit to a new lighting technology sooner rather than later.

All retrofits have a certain cost associated with them, and in some cases, it can be significant. But if you upgrade to a technology that will save you money in the long run, you not only earn back what you paid for the retrofit, you reduce your overall cost of lighting for years to come. The good news: LED lights offer all of these benefits and more, and the technology is ready to be implemented today. Let’s take a look at how you can actually get these savings below:

Reduce Your Cost of Light Bulbs

A single light bulb is fairly inexpensive. But when you are buying enough bulbs to light your whole business, the total amount you spend can be a shock. Currently, LED bulbs cost more individually, but they last for so long that a single order could satisfy all your lighting needs for years to come. That cuts your total investment in bulbs to a fraction of what you pay now. Imagine being able to go years without having to hassle with your lighting supplier.

Decrease Utility Costs Forever

LED lights use significantly less electricity than traditional lighting technology, and even most green lighting. That has an immediate impact on your monthly electric bill. Depending on the implementation at your business, you may be able to cut your lighting-related electric costs by over 80%. Plus, because LED lights glow without producing heat, you will pay less for air conditioning, too.

Use Your Maintenance Budget More Efficiently

How much time would you estimate your on-site maintenance staff spends dealing with burned out light bulbs? Couldn’t their time and your money be better spent on other projects? Since a single LED bulb can burn for upwards of 50,000 hours, and is nearly impossible to break, your maintenance staff can spend less time setting up ladders, screwing bulbs in and out, and cleaning up shattered glass.

Realize the Value of Going Green

Going green is becoming a lucrative business strategy. Rebates and incentives are available from utility companies, government agencies, and non-profits if your business reduces its environmental impact. You can also leverage your green credentials into a new marketing strategy and set yourself apart from the competition. Did you ever think your light bulbs could actually attract new customers?

No matter what industry you are in, your business depends on quality lighting. The way a space is lit affects your workers and your customers in significant ways. As you transition from the lights of the past to the lights of the future, upgrade to a technology that can offer you more and cost you less.